Zweethut – Ceremony of the Sweat Lodge @ Holistisch Centrum De Bron
okt 5 @ 12:00 – okt 6 @ 13:00

Ceremony of the Sweat Lodge
5-6 October 2019
Holistic Center De Bron, Netherlands
with Marisa Grande & Raul Fernandez
firewoman Lian Kasper

The Sweat lodge is a ritual of purification, healing and rebirth.
Within the Temazcal or sweat lodge we celebrate our unity with mother Earth and with the 4 natural elements of air, fire, water and earth to which we associate our mental, energetic, emo-tional and physical bodies. It is a ritual dedicated to the idea of the Ometeotl which is the double divinity, the union of the sacred masculine and feminine within oneself and our relationships.

Arrival on Saturday 5 at 12:00
Sweat Lodge at 5pm
It is possible to sleep over and depart the next day in the afternoon
Sunday 6 sharing circle and morning practice
places are limited!
To bring
a camping tent and sleeping bag
a pareo, slippers, towel, a torch and if you have your drum
Contribution €95 including a soup after the ceremony and breakfast

For information and sign up write to Raul:

Location- De Bron Holistisch Centrum
Address: Zwartemeerweg 23 8371 PA Kraggenburg

Marisa Grande and Raul Fernandez developed the practice of the sweat lodge under the guidance and in the tradition of Abuela Margarita Nunez, one of the 13 elders of the council of the Americas.
Marisa and Raul rooted in their love relationship, merge in the shamanic practice their spiritual path and artistic endeavours.